Fat White Vampire Otaku Now Out for Kindle!

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It’s here — the long awaited third installment in the Fat White Vampire series of humorous horror novels! Jules Duchon and his vampiric family suffer through the ravages of Hurricane Antonia and struggle to survive in a New Orleans which is almost entirely depopulated. Where will they get their blood? Salvation comes from the most unlikely source possible — a trio of Japanese superheroes called Bonsai Master, Anime Girl, and Cutie-Scary Man. Yet that salvation comes with a terrifying but laugh-inducing price… the blood which the three superheroes donate has unpredictable effects on Jules and his family. Chaos ensues as Jules is transformed into a seven-foot-tall white rabbit, his wife Maureen puts on three hundred pounds, and his mother Edna becomes a vicious human/vampire vacuum cleaner!

Buy it for the Kindle on Amazon for $5.99!

Coming soon in trade paperback!


  1. The Wait! Is! Over!

    • Andrew says:

      Yes! It! Is! (And just so you know, the fourth book in the series, HUNT THE FAT WHITE VAMPIRE, is already written and should come out the early part of next year, in February or March).

  2. Ross Bird says:

    I really like to keep my books. I have been waiting for this to come out on paperback. Can you tell me when Andrew?

    • Andrew says:

      Ross, I’d love to be able to give you a publication date. Unfortunately, my home situation has been very unsettled for the past 18 months, and I can’t say when Dara will be able to get back to MonstraCity Press. When she can, however, issuing a paperback edition of Fat White Vampire Otaku will be our first order of business.

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