Update to Upcoming Projects Page

My update to my Upcoming Projects page can be found here. You may be surprised to see how many books I have in the pipeline, including several that will be published later this year by MonstraCity Press. See my Upcoming Projects page for brief descriptions of books 4-6 of the Fat White Vampire series and books 2-4 of the August Micholson Chronicles series, along with descriptions of several stand-alone science fiction novels which I have written and the first three books of the Mount MonstraCity series for middle grade readers (each of which has been written). I hope you’re as excited as I am!


  1. “Fat White Vampire Rehab”? My week, it is made!

    • Andrew says:

      Oh, yeah, Wesley, now that I’ve decided to go the writer-publisher route, I’m uncorking a whole LOT of Fat White Vampire goodness (or badness)!

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