Losing Wisdom (Teeth)


After decades of putting it off, putting it off, putting it off, I’m finally having my two bottom wisdom teeth extracted (sawed out of my head, to be more exact).  So blogging will be put on hold, probably until this coming Monday, when I’ll return to the office looking like Alvin and the Chipmunks.

On the positive side, I’ve opted for laughing gas, rather than full anaesthesia, all in the interest of you, my readers — I chose to remember the sounds and muffled sensations of power tools hammering away at my jaw so that I can enrich your lives with some DENTAL BLOGGING.  Post-op, of course; I won’t have my Blackberry in my hands while the electric saw is whining away.

At least a good buddy at work, a fellow military buff, let me borrow his DVD of a four-part BBC series on the history of battleships.  So I’ll have that to watch while I lie, writhing in discomfort, in bed.  I doubt I’ll be doing much roughhousing with the kids over the weekend, or even reading more of Mr. Sammler’s Planet.  Too much exertion, physical on the one hand, mental on the other.

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