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Fat White Vampire Otaku

The long awaited third installment in the Fat White Vampire/Jules Duchon series of humorous horror novels. Jules and his vampiric family suffer through the ravages of Hurricane Antonia and struggle to survive in a city nearly entirely depopulated. Where will they get their blood? But salvation comes from the most unlikely source possible — a trio of Japanese superheroes called Bonsai Master, Anime Girl, and Cutie-Scary Man. Yet that salvation comes with a terrifying but humourous price… the blood which the three superheroes donates has unpredictable effects on Jules and his family. Chaos ensues in the best tradition of the Fat White Vampire series!

Purchase this book from Amazon for the Kindle for $5.99


  1. David Carpenter says:

    Any news on the release of this book in paperback?

    • Andrew says:

      David, I wish I had some positive news to share. My wife, who had been handling the administrative nitty-gritty of our micro press, plus all the Kindle and CreateSpace formatting tasks, has taken on a new job and hasn’t been able to dedicate any time to MonstraCity Press. However, I may try to teach myself what she knows and give pubbing the paperback a whack. I already have the cover files I need. Stay tuned.

      • Shane says:

        I hope you manage it! Been wanting to read this but I find it so hard to immerse myself for pleasure reading in an ebook

  2. Ross says:

    Yes Andrew, please get this book out on paperback.

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