“Jules Versus Breezy”

A Fat White Vampire short story, my only one (thus far). Also a sixtieth birthday present for, and a memorial to, one of my dearest friends.

(posted 7/6/2011)


“The Man Who Would Be Kong”

My personal favorite of the short stories I’ve written. A gentle fantasy of an old man in Miami Beach who believes he portrayed King Kong in the original, classic 1933 version of the film. Based on an actual Miami Herald article I read as a little boy, some time around the date Robert Armstrong passed away; it was centered around a hoax, the false claim of a man who described to the reporter how he’d donned a gorilla costume forty years earlier and climbed a model Empire State Building. He may have fooled that reporter, but this young movie fan knew better.

The story originally appeared in SCIFI.COM in 2005.

(posted 7/7/2011)


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