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Fat White Vampire Blues

After spending nearly a century drinking the cholesterol-saturated blood of lower class New Orleanians, vampire Jules Duchon has attained the unenviable weight of 450 pounds. Faced with the challenge of a younger, hipper, thinner vampire, can Jules survive? Book One of the Fat White Vampire Chronicles.


Bride of the Fat White Vampire

Jules Duchon, New Orleans vampire, has lost his greatest love and, along with her, his will to live. Forced into the role of a private detective by the aristocratic vampires of the High Krewe of Vlad Tepes, can Jules pull himself together in time to track down the serial killer who is systematically dismembering the bloodsuckers of the Big Easy? Or will he become a victim himself? Book Two of the Fat White Vampire Chronicles.


The Good Humor Man, or, Calorie 3501

In 2041, washed-up plastic surgeon Louis Shmalzberg is a Good Humor Man, a vigilante charged with keeping unhealthy foods away from the mouths and waistlines of America. Genetically altered foods have succeeded in slimming down the populace. But have the food engineers gone too far? A wasting plague is striking down the frail and elderly. Can Louis discover the culprit? Or will the mysterious, malign forces seeking the last mortal remains of Elvis Presley–remains preserved by Louis’s father more than sixty years before–ensure that America dies. . . not with a bang, but with a whimpering stomach?

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