Quick Update: Have Been Back in the Office a Week Now

Those of you who have been following my “recovery blog” over the past month may have been mystified as to why I suddenly dropped off the radar a little over a week ago. It was because I went back to work, as planned, on January 2. I used my regained driving skills to get myself to the early VRE train and headed back to downtown DC for the first time in nearly two months. Boy, did it feel GOOD! I kidded with my boss that I kissed the ground of my office building as soon as I crossed the threshold. He told me that feeling wouldn’t last long, not around here. Everyone has been very welcoming, kind, and understanding thus far. I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things. I greatly impressed my psychiatric nurse, however, when I saw him yesterday; he told me that, based upon what I had looked like to him a few weeks back, he hadn’t thought I’d had a prayer of going back to work as of January 2. I told him the combination of a new drug he’d prescribed for me and the terrific group therapy program in Fredericksburg had done wonders for me.

My biggest project over the past week has been getting enormous amounts of writing/editing done on The Super-Mensch Syndrome: The Story of a Compulsive Over-Helper (and Why You Shouldn’t Be One). I experienced a tremendous breakthrough in personal insights related to my birth family last Saturday during my talk therapy session, and I spent three hours that night writing at blazing speed, getting 4,000 words into the computer. I’ve been working nearly as quickly on the book the rest of this week.

Levi remains in the hospital, but Dara may be getting him released to home either tonight or tomorrow. I’ll keep everyone updated.


  1. Mark McCandless says:

    I’m glad to hear you have recovered. I wasn’t checking in for a while, so was shocked to find so much trauma had happened. I hope the improvements of Levi continue as well.

    • Andrew says:

      Yes, Mark, it is amazing (and appalling) how quickly one’s conditions can change. The last two months of 2013 were terrible ones for my family. At least now Levi is home with us from the hospital, and Dara and he are spending each day checking out different alternative schools which the Prince William County School System may be willing to pay for. So, God willing, 2014 will be a MUCH better, more serene year for us than 2013 was. Plus, I have returned to my writing with a great hunger for it, and, thank God, it is again coming along very well. I finished a non-fiction project, The Super-Mensch Syndrome: the Story of a Compulsive Over-Helper (and Why You Shouldn’t Be One) in an amazingly short period of time, and now I am again working on Hellfire and Damnation, the VERY EXCITING sequel to Fire on Iron.

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