Passed the 100,000 Page Views Mark

Okay, okay, I'll shut up already...

Well, it took me almost a full year (I started blogging on this site on July 1, 2011), but this morning, I eased past the 100,000 page views mark. I have no idea how this rate of views compares with that of similar websites (similar, I suppose, meaning personal websites of quirky science fiction/fantasy/horror writers who are less well-published than they would like to be), but I cannot say I am unsatisfied with the results of my first year’s efforts.

Since I’m fond of statistics, I’ve listed my “Top Ten Greatest Hits” posts to date. Numbers 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, and 8 were linked to by Glenn Reynold’s megablog Instapundit, so that explains their high ranking in terms of page views. The others? They just happened to stumble into an appreciative audience somehow, offering information on a subject a decent number of folks have happened to be searching for. Most surprising to me? The ongoing popularity of my “Voices From the Planet of the Apes” post. There are a whole lot of General Ursus, Zira, and Lucius fans out there, apparently, and I managed to scratch their itch.

1) Fisker Karma: Solyndra on Wheels? (10,290 views)

2) Friday Fun Links: It’s J. G. Ballard’s World, We Just Live in It (7,269 views)

3) Why Not a Real Munster for the Reboot of The Munsters? (6,638 views)

4) Wild-Ass Rumor of the Day: Sinead O’Connor Angling for Role in “Fat White Vampire” Movie (5,110 views)

5) Friday Fun Links: Science Fiction Movements and Manifestos! (4,442 views)

6) The Absence of 9-11 from Science Fiction (3,608 views)

7) Voices from the Planet of the Apes (2,369 views)

8 ) What Kind of Literary Ecosystem Do We Want to Build? (2,250 views)

9) The Passover-Easter Discussion in a Jewish Geek Household (1,585 views)

10) Miyazaki’s Steampunk Battleships (1,449 views)

Here’s hoping for a Year #2 that is at least as successful (and fun)!

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