Appearing at Borderlands Books in San Francisco

My day job is sending me to San Francisco this week to support a couple of days of computer training. This’ll be my first opportunity to visit San Francisco, home to lots of Beat Generation history and many, many albums’ worth of classic West Coast jazz (as well as one of Ray Harryhausen’s early monster classics, It Came From Beneath the Sea).

My good friends at Tachyon Publications set me up for an informal book signing at Borderlands Books on Wednesday evening. I’ve met the nice folks from Borderlands Books before, but at conventions (pretty sure I chatted with them and shopped their wares at the 2010 NASFiC in Raleigh, North Carolina), never at their store.

Book Signing and Meet-and-Greet at Borderland Books
Wednesday, March 7, 2012, 7:00-9:00 pm
866 Valencia Street, San Francisco, California
(415) 824-8203

I hope a few of you will be able to drop by on Wednesday, or have friends in the San Francisco area to whom you could pass along the word. I’ll be staying at the Hilton in the Financial District, right next to Chinatown, not far from the waterfront, and only about four or five blocks away from City Light Books and Cafe’ Vesuvio, two classic Beat hangouts. Although it’s never easy to be apart from my family, I’m really looking forward to the trip and to seeing places that, until now, I’ve only read about (not just the Beat spots, but also Philip Marlowe’s haunts in The Maltese Falcon). Thanks, work!


  1. Andrew says:

    Hi, everybody! Just wanted to let you know I am absolutely LOVING San Francisco! So far, I’ve visited the Tachyon Publication office, eaten some great vegetarian Chinese food at a little place called Enjoy, been to City Lights Books twice (bought THE OLAF STAPLEDON READER there, a collection of the great man’s essays and excerpts from his novels), rode the Hyde Street cable car line to Fisherman’s Wharf, listened to the sea lions on Pier 39 in the dark (very, very weird!), and been on the receiving end of the come-on of every strip joint barker in North Beach. Looking forward to blogging in more detail when I get back home!

  2. Dean Sweatman says:

    Philip Marlowe? Bogart spinneth.

    • Andrew says:

      Nobody’s perfect… should’ve called a Spade a Spade…

      • Dean Sweatman says:

        Former New Orleanian and fan Don Markstein died yesterday.

        No need to approve this just thought you might like to know.

        • Andrew says:

          Hi, Dean. Sorry to say, I didn’t know Don Markstein. If you’re in touch with his family, though, please pass along my condolences and good wishes.

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