Looking for Gifts for Your Favorite Readers?

Over at Literary Commentary, critic D. G. Myers has assembled an eclectic list of seventeen recommended novels, gathered from friends, contributors, and editors of Commentary Magazine. I am pleased to have been among those invited to make a recommendation. I found it very interesting, and encouraging, that of the seventeen books listed as personal favorites or strong recommendations, three are either science fiction or fantasy novels. And this from a group of folks who primarily earn their beans as either political commentators, arts and cultural essayists, or literature professors. Just one more bit of evidence that the Singularity is nearly upon us, or science fiction continues on its triumphant march across the culture… or something.

Anyway, check out the list. There’s something on it that will probably appeal to almost any of your holiday gift recipients who will be looking for a good book to curl up with. My recommendation, by the way, was Robert Silverberg’s Dying Inside.

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