Friday Fun Links: Weird Disasters

Will the Gates of Hell swallow us all?

An earthquake in Washington, DC?

A major hurricane threatening New York City?

What a week! What else could the subject of this week’s Friday Fun Links be but… Weird Disasters?

The granddaddy of 20th Century weird disasters — the Tunguska Event. Was it a comet? An asteroid? Or a UFO heroically sacrificing itself to prevent the destruction of Planet Earth?

The worst industrial disaster in U.S. history — an entire freighter full of ammonium nitrate goes BOOM!

1944 was a really bad year for weird disasters in the U.S. — the great Cleveland, Ohio gas explosion and the Ringling Brothers and Barnum Bailey circus fire in Hartford, Connecticut

A pair of weird man-made disasters in the old Soviet Union — the evaporation of the Aral Sea, once the fourth largest inland sea in the world; and a massive crater in Turkmenistan filled with natural gas that has been burning for the past forty years, known as “The Gates of Hell”

A “pea-souper” fog in London in 1952 that caused the premature deaths of four thousand people

Here at Fantastical Andrew, we’re really into food — how about a flood of molasses, a deluge of beer, and an explosion of tapioca?

But wait, there’s more! Poisonous snakes that escape an erupting volcano mountainside and invade a terrified village in Martinique! Elephants stampede through five villages in India! A gigantic gasometer explodes in Pittsburg — and it’s not Roseanne Barr OR Rush Limbaugh!

Earthquakes and hurricanes are starting to seem mundane…

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